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2016 #CripTheVote Disability Issues Survey Results

508 people responded as of May 1, 2016

Disability Policy Areas in priority order: 1 = top priority, 10 = lowest priority.
1. Health Care
2. Civil Rights / Discrimination
3. Accessibility
4. Employment
5. Housing
6. Education
7. Long Term Care / Personal Assistance
8. Benefits
9. Transportation
10. Assistive Technology

(Note: The priority order is the same as it was when we only had a little over 400 responses).

Disability Policy Ideas: Respondents asked to choose 5 out of 15 specific ideas. (Percent of respondents who chose each one, in order of popularity, most to least.
53.64% Hire and appoint more disabled people to government and policy-making positions.
51.56% Pass the Disability Integration Act to promote independent living instead of nursing homes.
48.44% Require disability awareness training for law enforcement.
46.78% Ban payment of sub-minimum wage.
44.91% Defend Social Security and Medicaid / Medicare against political attacks.
44.07% Change Social Security to reduce or eliminate work disincentives.
43.66% Strengthen enforcement of accessibility standards.
33.89% Eliminate use of physical restraint and isolation in public schools.
28.07% Eliminate the Social Security “marriage penalty.”
24.12% Strengthen voting rights and accessibility.
20.17% Strengthen the rights of parents with disabilities.
16.01% Ban or phase out sheltered workshops.
15.38% Increase federal share of Special Education costs.
15.18% Review and reform guardianship laws relating to people with disabilities.
14.14% Strengthen enforcement of “most integrated setting” regulations in Special Education.

What best describes your interest in disability?
57% I have a disability
21% I have a disability and disabled person(s) in my family
11% There is a disabled person(s) in my family
6% I work in the disability field
5% Just interested

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